Nathan Hughes


Since Jesus overwhelmed my broken heart and life with His unfailing and unconditional love many years ago, He has faithfully guided me deeper into His own Heart. 

Jesus has also guided me deeper into my Father’s heart. I am learning that in God’s eyes I am absolutely loveable, that I am so celebrated, and that as His precious possession I belong to Him as His beloved son. In my Father’s heart I am irreplaceable. I have not always known or experienced Father God this way, spending years often overwhelmed by addictions, anxiety, and deep insecurity- feeling lost, unwanted, and abandoned in my mistakes and failures.

As I write this, tears filling my eyes because I am freshly reminded of the relentless pursuit of my Father after me that I may know that I am wanted, accepted, loved, and irreplaceable.  My journey discovering my Father's heart is far from finished, and I am learning to trust with each movement that my Father's love will find me no matter where I find myself. This is the story of my life- the relentless love pursuit of God after me His beloved son.

I pray that by opening up my journey, you will hear the Father’s heart for you as His beloved son or daughter.

~ You are irreplaceable in the Father’s heart ~