Found by Perfect Love

Almost 11 years ago, in the midst of intense insecurity feeling absolutely alone, lonely, abandoned, worthless, and without hope- Jesus came. I didn’t even know the state I was in, I was so numb. Yet in the silence as I listened to a new CD, my feeble attempts to survive cracked, and this is where perfect unfailing love touched my desperate heart. I was not a Christian and was unaware I was even searching. Sure I had a Christian background- but those years were long forgotten. The CD I was listening to had songs from ACDC, NOFX and other bands. For some reason I had also downloaded one song different from all the others ~ this song was “Above All” by Michael W. Smith.


Laying in bed, life seemingly falling apart, this song began playing.


~ “you lived to die, rejected and alone. like a rose trampled on the ground, you took the fall and thought of me above all.”


The creator of the world thought of me and wanted me so much that he was willing to die to be with me. This weird force and presence from outside of myself crashed into my whole being. All of my senses were overwhelmed as I burst into tears, undone by a love that I had been waiting for all my life. I had never felt this warmth, safety, acceptance, and comfort. I, who felt abandoned, uncared for,  unseen, and of little worth ~ was now adopted, held, noticed, and counted as a precious possession absolutely wanted by God.


~ Jesus… Perfect Love… Love Unfailing… my best friend. Thank you Jesus for claiming me as your special possession so many years ago. ~