My friends continue to have a tremendous impact on my journey passionately reminding me of new areas of God's heart for me. Check out each of my friends and allow yourself to be ushered into different facets of the Father's heart for you, his irreplaceable child. 


Luc Niebergall, founder and director of Royal Identity Ministries, lives in Calgary, AB with his wife Eline. At the age of 16 Luc had a transformational encounter with Jesus where Luc was set free from a rebellious life. This encounter with the Lord ushered Luc into a 5 year season of intimate visitations and encounters with Jesus, where Luc was filled with a passion for revival- seeing heaven invade the earth for all people in every nation. Currently serving as an itinerant minister with Royal Identity Ministries, Luc trains and equips the body of Christ in developing healthy prophetic culture and leadership, where God is able to move and speak miraculously and prophetically. 

Luc is also the author of three books, 'Reigning as Royalty', 'A Letter to Forerunners', & 'A Timeless Journey'

Karla Neufeld is a tremendously gifted and creative artist, who is continually inspired by her own journey with Father God. Karla's art is one of the ways her own life is being redefined and is one of the ways she experiences the Father's presence and hears His voice. Karla says it is "the Father that holds, shapes, and takes the broken and the hurting parts of our lives and turns them into something beautiful". Take some time to look through Karla's drawings and experience the healing, the love, and the acceptence that God has prepared for you. 

David Sacerich serves as a chaplain for an organization that ministers to those struggling with homelessness, and lives in Calgary, AB with his wife and daughter. David is passionate in engaging people about the way we look at church, God, and our relationship with both. Currently working on his first book, David invites you to check out his blog and to engage with him as he writes about topics close to his heart. 

Mr Rayz is a family entertainer and children's musician based in Calgary, Alberta. His kindie music concerts and programs have been featured on CBC TV's "Living Calgary" programAlberta Arts Days, University of Calgary Child Care Centres, and a score of festivals, preschools and some great children's birthday parties. He has just completed an Artist in Residence for  St. Paul's Academy (2013) where he taught music and songwriting workshops. Find him around town leading his world music programs, mini concerts or teaching young children how to rock the ukulele!