The Absence of Fear in the Presence of Perfect Love

 ~ “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.” ~ 1 John 4:18

Throughout the scriptures Father God demonstrates that he is familiar with the fear that can paralyze each of his children's heart. As a loving Father it is his desire that the stranglehold of fear be released from each heart, that we would know and experience how wide, deep, long, a high his love is. Again and again, Father God invites us to experience his love, not just to cast out fear, but also that we may experience his love in the midst of fear. If Father God's love is perfect, unfailing, and unconditional than his love sits with us in the midst of the fear, often when we feel most unlovable. 

Sometimes it is not enough to simply declare scripture over another person who is experiencing fear and anxiety. Scripture does carry the very authority and divine life of God, and is meant to restore us to the Father's heart. However; sometimes a person can be left feeling greater fear, anxiety, rejection, and condemnation when scripture is offered in an untimely manner, perhaps before the person has felt heard, understood, and just received as they are in the moment. As sons and daughters sometimes we also forget to realize that Jesus, who is perfect love, lives within us.

This perfect love that has made a home inside each son and daughter is the perfect love that will dissolve the fear in a another. Sometimes we have to be perfect love for another; listening, holding, hugging, crying, and simply being with the person, so that perfect love is able to more fully shaped and rooted deeper within another person.

When we allow Jesus living within us to be perfect love for each other the fear of condemnation sometimes experienced as the fear of being seen as inadequate, the fear of being abandoned, and the fear of being rejected begin to dissolve- where the perfect love of Jesus begins to heal wounds of long ago.