the Good Shepherd loves taking care of His beloved sons and daughters


Somewhere along the way many of us have falsely learned that the "success" of our lives is dependent on us. At times perhaps we believe that to be cared for equals weakness or failure. Allowing others including Jesus to care requires a vulnerability that can feel scary- giving way to feelings of insecurity and anxiety within us. Truly this can be an overwhelming experience, especially if we have orchestrated our life to avoid feeling these emotions and hearing these thoughts. This is a good space for us though- for often this is the place where the soil of our hearts and lives become fertile and soft allowing Jesus to speak with clarity and comfort. In our desperation and vulnerability the untouched, unloved and wounded places in our hearts are finally washed in the warmth of Jesus' love.

This experience is usually not a "one time" isolated experience and can feel like a long night-and what is a little more difficult is stopping long enough to enter the night and allow the Good Shepherd to take care of us.

~ Jesus our Shepherd has a gentle heart- He will guide through the night.